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Everything we experience in life is a reflection of our relationship with our self



A guide to finding fulfilment through living as your true self in a world designed to distract you from what
really matters.

About Me

Barry understands how our ‘inner game’ dictates the quality of our experience of life, and is dedicated to inspiring and guiding others to reach their fullest potential by upgrading their own internal beliefs, attitudes, and spiritual connection.

Since founding global coaching enterprise The Game Changers in 2012, Barry has mentored 1,000s of business owners to scale to multiple 7 figures (and beyond) while creating a life of more balance, freedom, and fulfilment.

Today, he heads up several multi-million dollar companies, and is actively involved in facilitating the rapid growth of several additional business interests all while working less than 1 day per week.

Barry also hosts podcasts The Comeback Game and The Tradie Business School, which have hit over 2 million downloads.


The Path To Freedom

The 9 Steps To Creating A Highly Profitable Business That Runs Without You

If you started your business with a dream, only to find yourself working crazy hours, consumed by stress, and feeling trapped within your own creation….

Let me show you a better way.

This book will show you how to create a business that works without you. Inside you’ll find the systems and psychology for building a scalable and highly profitable business that fuels your dream lifestyle.

By applying the battle-tested principles you’ll learn in these pages, you can start tripling your profits while gaining back 10+ hours a week…. all within just 6-12 months.

Applying this proven ‘freedom framework’ will transform your business and enable you to live a richer, happier, and more holistically balanced life.

Sex, Drugs, And Radical Self-Expression

The Unexpected Path to Fulfillment

Why is it that in these modern times, where we have access to more opportunity, luxury, and freedom of choice than ever before, so many people feel so broken and alone?

The truth is that we already have access to everything we need.
But we are looking for fulfilment in the wrong places…

In this book I shine a light on my own path to fulfilment, sharing stories, anecdotes and the exact steps I took to evolve from a directionless and angry 20-year old into the man I am today – someone who is successful, is fully connected with soul and spirit, and experiences joy on a daily basis.

It’s time to drop the mask and live a life full of love, connection, and fulfilment as your authentic self. Come with me to explore the inner depths of your own psyche, and discover how living your truth can attract everything you ever wanted into your life.


I want to become a happier and more fulfilled human


I want to build a better business

I want to scale my business to 8-figures and beyond

I want to outsource the tasks outside my core focus


I want to close more high-ticket sales

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I want to change my business from a cash eating monster to a money making machine


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Why The Game Changers exists?

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