Meet Barry

Barry is a business coach, entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist and spiritual guide.

A maverick from the beginning, Barry started his first business – a kitchen and bathroom renovation company – when he was 18 years old. The business scaled quickly and soon Barry was managing 15 staff and a multi-million dollar turnover.

But Barry’s experience of success did not match his expectations. Instead of the life of financial and personal freedom he dreamed of, Barry found himself working 80+ hour weeks, feeling stressed and burned out, and watching his personal relationships crumble.

His business wasn’t his vehicle for freedom – it was his prison.

After losing it all and hitting rock bottom, Barry knew in his heart that there had to be a better way to create the business and lifestyle he dreamed of. He set about learning how to create a profitable and scalable business that provided sustainable growth and personal freedom.

At the same time, Barry continued his never-ending journey into the world of personal development, psychology, and spirituality.

A lifelong seeker of the answers to the bigger questions in life, Barry immersed himself in the metaphysical world, partnering his Reiki Master accreditation with additional studies in Breathwork and Open-Heart Meditation.

In every way possible, Barry doubled-down on his journey inward. He participated in endless courses and workshops to develop his heart, his mind, and his spiritual consciousness – something he continues to do today.

Mentored by foremost guide on the spiritual heart Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc., Barry began to understand the forces working both within him and externally, how they connected to a Divine Source, and how these forces shaped his thoughts, behaviours, actions, and results.

This spiritual development led Barry to realise that the key to a holistically balanced and successful life is what’s going on inside - our “inner game”.

After gaining his Diploma of Professional Coaching, Barry officially hung up his shingle in a new career. It didn’t take long for him to realise that after his clients shifted their inner game, every other area of their lives – including their businesses – began to click into place and thrive.

Barry spent some time refining his process and using his skills and innate empathic ability to ensure that the results his clients were getting were not a fluke. When he had undoubtedly proved that the inner game was the key to unlocking everything we dream of both personally and professionally, this was the catalyst that sparked the creation of The Game Changers.

Since 2012, Barry and The Game Changers team have helped business owners to create lifestyle businesses that give them the time, financial freedom, and personal fulfillment they dream of.

By working on psychology and mindset – the inner game – first and foremost before applying proven success frameworks across marketing, organisation, team building, financial management and more, The Game Changers not only transform their clients’ businesses but most importantly create incredible positive personal change in the business owners they work with.

Then somewhere in 2019, Barry realised something incredible…

His business didn’t really need him any more.

It was (and is) highly systemised in every way, running a proven model that continues to work. It is run by incredibly talented coaches, support staff, marketing geniuses and executive-level superstars that continue the business’ mission and uphold its values every day.

It is changing lives, just as he’d always dreamed it would.

Barry had achieved his mission, and his business was thriving without his direct input. In fact, the vision he originally had for his business was growing beyond where he – or any single person – could take it. It had become an entity of its own.

So what was next?

A year of incredible growth, change, and love as Barry continued his ongoing evolution into his fullest potential in this life.

Barry moved to Bali, wrote two books (and counting), learned to surf, and invested his time and money into several other business opportunities.

But many of Barry’s most profound moments have occurred when helping develop businesses within his local Balinese community.

By teaching locals ‘how to fish’ in business, Barry is empowering a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs to elevate their own livelihood, creating positive ripple effects across entire communities.

Today Barry is involved in multiple startups, mentoring business owners and guiding the development at a grassroots level.

He also regularly facilitates spiritual awakening and connection workshops in Bali with heart-centered providers in the personal transformation industry.

But you’ll mostly find him surfing, writing, and trying to be the best human he can be.

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