In the act of contribution to others, we become far more open and abundant than we ever could on our own.


Barry is currently spearheading two exciting projects that are merging the worlds of ancient medicine and wisdom with modern biomedical technology.

Moving to Bali in early 2020 awoke Barry’s passion for health and wellness after his renewed focus on clean eating, fresh air, exercise, and heart-based living paid enormous dividends in terms of his physical, emotional and mental health. He knew that better education was needed to help people understand how to take better care of their wellbeing and live healthier, happier lives. 

Barry’s desire to help others achieve a better quality of life through improved health was heightened during the beginning of the pandemic where the health education delivered from society’s ‘leaders’ was totally lacking in practical guidance for building the body’s natural defences against illness. 

The pandemic response highlighted that in Western society, particularly in highly developed countries, the focus is on the cure rather than prevention. Most people wait until they’re sick to start taking care of their health. Then when they do get sick, they take something to mask it or block it, pouring more chemicals in and causing more distress to the body instead of repairing its natural equilibrium.

He started to wonder…

Given that a large percentage of diseases are caused by lifestyle factors, what about if we focused more on preventing illness from occurring in the first place? What if we prioritised promoting our health through better nutrition, more exercise, stretching and yoga, meditation, and other undertakings that have been proven to improve our body’s functioning naturally?

If light is the absence of darkness, sickness is the absence of health. 

It’s Barry’s mission to shift people’s focus from treating sickness to enhancing wellness. To inspire, motivate and educate people to take charge of their own wellbeing and become proactively involved in their own optimal functioning. 

Because when we improve our health, we change the world. 

When we’re in a healthy state, we have more energy for our family and friends. We sleep better. We are able to handle work-related stress with greater ease. We rely on the healthcare system less. Our potential to earn a better income and support others is greater. We have more physical and emotional capacity for contributing to our society in a beneficial way.

And that’s better for everyone (except big pharma).



A centre for people wanting to enhance their wellness to gain access to cutting-edge bio-hacking protocols such as IV infusions, peptides, stem cells, exosomes and blood ozone therapies, and data-based supplementation.


Nestled in a pristine conservation area within Costa Rica, Sibu Wellness is a holistic wellness spa, retreat, and plant-based medicine provider for giving visitors a life-changing experience of healing and connecting back to their true purpose. 

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